Care & Cleaning Instructions


Pacific Norse Vest Care & Cleaning

Shell only: Waxed canvas is water resistant. Hand rinse or use a damp cloth to spot clean with cold water only. Air dry.

  • Waxed canvas gets better with use over time. Distress marks are normal and do not indicate abrasion or fatigued fabric.

  • Re-wax canvas using Martexin or Otter wax. Warm up canvas and wax, rub wax in, apply heat using a hairdryer on low setting.

  • Allow to cool and dry. Repeat if necessary.

Lining only: Hand spot clean using a damp cloth. A non-detergent such as Eucalan may be used on lining only to hand spot clean. Eucalan does not need to be rinsed, which saves water. Air dry.

Shell & Lining:

  • Do not machine wash

  • Do not dry clean

  • Do not use detergent

  • Air dry only


Skjoldehamn Hood Care & Cleaning

  • Hand wash only using Eucalan, which does not need to be rinsed, saving water.

  • Do not use detergents

  • Air dry only

  • Do not dry clean

Recommended Products

Eucalan Delicate Wash

We recommend using Eucalan delicate wash, which does not need to be rinsed, saving water.  

Martexin Original Wax

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing