Shellback Sailor's Smock™

Shellback Sailor's Smock™


Each Shellback Sailor's Smock™ is handmade to order in my workshop, using sustainable natural fibers.

The smock is crafted out of natural waxed cotton canvas (milled in Scotland), which is a superb waterproof and durable fabric in all elements. When warm, it softens into a supple garment. When cold, it stiffens—providing added wind resistance. The smock is perfect for layering over a sweater. Includes side relief slits for ease of movement.

Sailors and fishermen across many cultures have worn smocks, historically fashioned out of old sailcloth. I was issued a smock when I signed on as a student on a 3 masted, fully rigged, Danish school ship.

See my blog post about tanbark sailcloth and waxed canvas.

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